LTA Contract R1016 (Awarded 2020)

– Engineering Service for the NSEWL Permanent Way

NSEWL is the first line in Singapore that started operations in 1987. It comprises of route length of 102KM and 58 Stations.

TRES was awarded the contract to perform a system wide inspection / assessment of the NSEWL trackwork with an aim to establish the condition of the trackwork concerned. We deployed the TCSS (Track Condition Monitoring System), an AI based solution using fibre optic sensing devices from KDAS Limited, a subsidiary of the KDL Group which also owns TRES, to identify those track sectors which requires in-depth inspection / investigation so as to collect the necessary data identify the root causes of the issues identified.


LTA Contract R7005 (Awarded 2019)

– Condition Assessment Of Rail Operating Assets being managed by SBST

TRES was awarded the contract to perform a asset condition assessment of the operating assets being operated for Sengkang LRT and Punggol LRT (SPLRT) and North East Line (NEL). NEL is a driverless MRT line covering 20KM of route length and 16 stations in Singapore. SPLRT is about 10KM long serving the North Eastern part of Singapore.

TRES did a full comprehensive condition assessment of the all operating assets for both NEL and SPLRT. Tres has developed an asset condition tracking software system which would be able to generate the degradation curve of the assets as well as to predict the remaining useful life of the assets concerned.


LTA Contract R1002 (Awarded 2017)

– Condition Assessment Of Rail Operating Assets being managed under SMRT

TRES was awarded the contract under the name of one of the Parent Companies, PYPUN-KD & Associates Limited (P-KD) to perform condition assessments of the operating assets for NSEWL, BPLRT and Circle Line for Land Transport Authority Singapore, LTA. We provided a full  audit on the assets and establish a model to project the remaining useful life of the assets concerned based on the design life, the age, the nature and the condition scores computed using the assessment results. An Asset Register Tracking System, a purposed built software system running on Windows, was developed for capturing the asset condition data and generating the degradation curves based on the model so established for the asset concerned. This project was successfully completed in 2020.